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  • How to deal with the problems right in front of you, while you prepare for the future.
  • AND…how to do it all while staying as calm and in charge as possible.
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Deborah J. Dakota, Founder of The Psychic Advantage

Deborah J. Dakota is a former management consultant whose first careers in journalism and nonprofit management taught her to lead organizations through crises, coach stressed executives, create and deliver original trainings, conduct marketing campaigns, and calm down highly anxious workplaces.

Since pivoting to becoming a professional psychic in 2009, she has advised more than ten thousand clients regarding their businesses, careers and other topics.

In addition to readings, she has a business development program for aspiring coaches, healers, consultants and other service providers -- specifically those who want to launch a business that helps clients overcome life challenges they have personally resolved. "From Idea to Offer" participants end the 8-week program with a compelling offer, a narrow niche, strategies for working with clients, and foundational marketing materials.

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Some have been with me for 10+ years!

I’m a skeptic and not ‘New Agey.’ I hadn’t planned on getting a psychic reading but I thought I’d give it a try.

At the time I’d applied for an academic position that I was very excited about, but Deborah said I wouldn’t get it, and that instead, I will be doing something creative with other people by the end of the year.

I didn’t want to believe it at the time, but it turns out she was spot on. I did not get that position and instead got a great job doing creative work that started not long after the first of the year. It was exactly what she predicted.

Christine Steele (Tucson, AZ)

"Usually when you hear ‘psychic’ you think of a mystical magical person, crystal balls and all that. But Deborah is a professional, she breaks the mold."

Bruce W. (Phoenix, AZ)

"You zeroed in on some details that left me speechless."


"I am so appreciative of her ethical-moral, and professional standards. It is comforting to have someone in whom you can place your trust, knowing your information will never go any further."

Mildred Anne Pantha Huff (Silver City, NM)

Deborah speaks my language. I’ve been in the corporate world and she’s been in the corporate world. I felt like she can identify with who I am and what I want. An interesting blend of left and right brain.

She uses her intuitive skills in a practical way. I was able to apply her psychic reading in a way that helped me grow my business, because she was clear, specific and very efficient in her use of time. I’d highly recommend her to anyone.

Azaima Anderson (Silver City, NM)

"I have read with Deborah for a decade and I keep coming back because she doesn’t hold any punches or sugar coat things.

She sometimes says things I don’t want to hear or are disappointing, but I find out later she was absolutely correct."

Alan (West Coast, USA)

"Before finding Deborah in 2011 I talked with other psychics who clearly didn’t know what they were doing. They had no ability to pick up on me or my situation and said things that had no relevance or chance of coming true. And I felt they extended the calls to milk the clock.

Deborah never does that, she gets to the point quickly. I’ve talked regularly with her ever since."

J.N. (North Carolina)

Deborah was vividly descriptive during the reading. For a person like me, this helps a lot because I am a wordsmith and think in literal terms.

Keisha Fowler (Atlanta, GA)

You were very clear about ‘do these things first, that second and that third, and the first will feed the second’ etc. And you said how long it will take. That was very useful to me.

You also told me I’d be traveling while working online and I thought ‘she’s wrong, she’s absolutely wrong.’ But now that’s basically what I’m doing.

Kristina Rogers (Mexico)

"You gave me a new and direct path to explore — possibly saving me $5,000 and months of unnecessary work during a time in which I’m already stretched thin."


"I had just graduated college when I met Deborah. I was focused on finding work in the field of marketing.

Deborah advised me to broaden my horizons beyond marketing, and to look for companies that are doing work I’m interested in — instead of searching for the right job description.

So I redirected my job search and discovered the perfect job in an industry I would have never considered looking at without the psychic reading."

Lauren N. (Connecticut)

"Other psychics just say ‘Oh yes your boss is a mess.’ You give me a deeper understanding of why she acts this way and things I can do about it. I appreciate your practical responses."

A lawyer working in a medium-sized firm

I highly recommend Deborah. She has been a true blessing in my life. She has guided me through some of the most difficult experiences I have faced. I have spoken with others who always tend to give me the happily ever after I want to hear, instead of the truth.

One specific example being she was the only one who advised me that I was going to be laid off from my job. Although it wasn't what I wanted to hear it did help me to prepare for what to expect and she was right. Deborah is truly the best.

Julie Gutierrez (Los Angeles, CA)

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